Past Projects


'IBN KHALDOUN II' - Another successful delivery.

On the 14th May 2015 the A.H.T.S. 'Sea Patron' handed over another tow to Aliaga Port. The General Cargo vessel 'IBN KHALDOUN II' (IMO 7711854) was towed from Algiers Port. All went to plan, and tow was delivered safely and on time. Vessel Details:...Read More

'IBN SINA II' - Another successful towage.

'IBN SINA II' - Another successful towage.

Another tow delivered safely and on time by Patron Group Ltd. The General Cargo vessel 'IBN SINA II' (IMO 77209343) was towed from Algiers to Aliaga by our tug 'Sea Patron'. The tow departed from Algiers on the 17th April 2015 and was handed over in Aliaga...Read More