What we do

Patron Group Ltd. is a Ship Owner and Maritime Contracting company based in Malta, at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. We operate all over the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, the Red Sea and along the Atlantic coast of Europe. Over our 10 years of existence we have taken on a wide range of projects including towing (a variety of ships, rigs, barges and tuna cages), salvages, offshore support, wreck removals, port maintenance, seabed surveys, laying of pipelines, transportation of cargo, heavy lifts for oil and gas industry) and more.



Having managed projects of such a wide variety gives us a good appreciation of our client’s needs and concerns. We have a deep understanding of the different facets and challenges of an operation, and our experience in preempting obstacles will facilitate the client’s job. Furthermore, Patron Group values the critical importance of precision in execution and adhering to the client’s time schedule, in order to keep the project on time and within budget.


Today, with 10 years of priceless experience, coupled with our fleet, our facilities and our equipment, we are geared to carry out the below range of services to very high standards.